My name is Nicole Jean. I am an artist and this is my gallery.
I hope you enjoy your stay. Check back often, this page gets updated regularly!

About Me

I'm a person who loves to create. By day I am a UX Designer, designing wireframes and user experience for an international company in Cape Town, South Africa. In my spare time I ride horses. I practice Shiatsu and yoga. I host dinner parties. I love to cook. But most of all, I love to draw. I need to express myself, and there is always more. The journey never ends.


My Art

I use a Wacom tablet and an app called Manga Studio Ex to create high resolution digital illustrations. I'm enjoying this more and more each day, the best part is how it behaves just like real ink or paint! I love the texture of paint and it is extremely rewarding to see something come to life under my hands.

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